What is Proteau?

Good question! Here’s a link to a blog post our founder John deBary made exploring what it means to be zero proof.

How is Proteau made?

Proteau is made using a blend of botanical extracts into a base of water, with artisanal vinegar and clarified fruit juices.


Where can I buy Proteau?

We ship to the 48 continental United States via our online store HERE. If you would like to shop in-person, a list of our stockists is available HERE


Does Proteau contain any preservatives?

The vinegar in Proteau acts as a natural preservative. We also heat-treat each bottle, eliminating the need for chemical preservatives like sodium benzoate.

Does Proteau contain any allergens?

Proteau is not made with any ingredients that contain nuts, seeds, gluten, or dairy. If you have any concerns about any of our ingredients, check with your doctor before enjoying.

Is Proteau a non-alcoholic wine?

Nope! Proteau is not designed to taste like wine and is not a de-alcoholized wine. Even though Proteau works great in similar occasions as wine, the flavor is completely unique: aromatic botanicals layered over bright fruit and vibrant artisanal vinegar.

Is Proteau vegan?

Every ingredient in Proteau is vegan except for the artisanal vinegar, which is made from wine that our supplier cannot certify as 100% vegan. Proteau is suitable for vegetarians.

How long will Proteau last once I open it?

Prior to opening, a bottle of Proteau will keep in cool dry place for up to one year. After opening, Proteau will keep for up to two weeks under refrigeration, although some of the bubbles will fade from the Rivington Spritz after 18 hours.

Is there any alcohol at all in Proteau?

Because our recipe contains vinegar, which is made from fermented wine, there are trace amounts of alcohol. Laboratory tests reveal that the residual alcohol is under 100 parts per million (ppm). For comparison, non-alcoholic wine can contain up to 5000 ppm residual alcohol.

Is Proteau safe for pregnant people?

While Proteau is non-alcoholic, people who are or expect to become pregnant should check with their doctor before enjoying if they have any concerns about our ingredients.

How much sugar and calories are in a glass of Proteau?

For each five-ounce glass, Rivington Spritz contains 20 calories and three grams of sugar, and Ludlow Red contains 30 calories and six grams of sugar.

Is there any added sugar in Proteau?

Proteau contains no added sugar.

Can I mix Proteau with alcohol?

Yes! Proteau is designed to be perfect straight out of the bottle, but we play very nicely with others. In addition to mixing it into your favorite mocktail, Proteau works great with a splash of gin or vodka, or topped with sparkling wine. In cocktails, we’ve found that Rivington Spritz can work as a nice substitute for Campari or Aperol, and Ludlow Red can take the place of Crème de Cassis and Lillet Rouge.

How do I serve Proteau?

Good question! Check here for our Serving 101 Guide.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently cannot ship outside the continental United States. We have plans for world domination, so check back soon!

Anything else?

Email us at hello@drinkproteau.com, we love to hear from you!